2021 Board Members Meeting Photos         "click on photos to enlarge"
Due to COVID,
only your Board,
along with our Webmaster and Photographer were
in attendance
March 8, 2021 at Holiday Inn, Effingham, Il
Business meeting
gets under way
Karla Belzer, U of I Field Liaison, made
a scheduled visit using the latest technology
Out with the
old Board and in
with the new
Who said old
dogs can't learn
new tricks
Jane, her time as President is done, receives gifts for
doing a great job
  The "GAVEL" is passed to Angela  
Awards ceremony,
( kind of light
this year )
Set-up for Board Installation
3 short videos showing the Installation of the New Board
Board Install (1)

Board Install (2)

Board Install (3)
Everyone writes a short note in Jane's wooden box using a special magic pen
After using the product at right, all the writing darkens and is easy to read
A gift from Jane,
"hope for the
flowers" a tale about life and hope.
For adults and caterpillars who
can read
March 9, 2021
Let's see all here, in
2022 at Thelma Keller, Convention Center, Effingham