Lake County
Association for Home and Community Education
Washington County

About Us:

LCAHCE (Lake County Association of Home and Community Education) was founded in 1932 and is presently composed of 110 members in six Units, Mail Box and Men Supporting HCE.  We support HCE by being lifelong learners, supporting our community by volunteering, and stay current with the important issues of the day by participating in the programs and lessons presented each year.

Board Members/Other Responsibilities

  President: Angela Hicks
  First Vice President: Betty Werke/Public Information, CVH
  Second Vice President: Carmella Marshall
  Secretary: Candace Keegan/Newsletter Editor
  Treasurer: Sandy Henke
  Cultural Enrichment Director: Pat Weitzmann
  International Director: Margaret Hilliard/ Ways & Means
  Family & Community Issues Director: Ann Drevalas

Programming & Lessons

Lake County HCE offers a variety of lessons.
Many are developed by the University of Illinois Extension and we enlist local experts/presenters for other lessons.

Examples are:
   I'm Positive, I'm Aging
   Modern Food Trends
   Migrating Birds That Visit Lake County
   Cast Iron Cooking
   Food & Drug Interactions
   What's New In The Kitchen
   Safety In Today's World
   Medical Identity Theft (2020)
   Uses for Citrus Peel (2020)
   Fixings & Nibbles For The Holiday Season (2020)
      ( just to name a few )

Annual Events

Cultural Enrichment Day is normally held in October where a program, lunch and Heritage Arts Contest for members is held.  Programming themes vary from year to year.

International Day is normally held in November.  The Country of Study changes each year.  We celebrate and embrace the country yearlong study of the country's culture, government, food, etc.  We celebrate and embrace the country through presentations and tasting their cuisine.

Contact for Membership

If you live in the Lake County, Illinois area and would like to join us, contact
Angela Hicks, President at (847) 516-1529, or E-Mail,