Macoupin County
Association for Home and Community Education

About Us:

Each organization has its champions.  Bertha O. Eldred was our champion and founder of HOME BUREAU in Macoupin County.  In the early years she traveled miles over the roads that were sometimes almost impassable to spread the word of Extension and unite the county for a worthy cause.  Following their footsteps of her father, founder of the 4-H movement, she gathered homemakers together and after two years of hard work saw a dream became a reality.  On October 24, 1930, Macoupin County Home Bureau emerged as the only professional organization for homemakers.  Bertha O. Eldred was elected the organizations first president, an office she held for two years.


Joyce Duelm, Public Relations
Phone:  (217) 999-6181

Macoupin Counties 10 units are:

  Bird Nilwood
  Dandy Doers Scottville
  Do More Staunton
  Monday Niters Stitch & Stir
  Modelite Town & Country
  Mt. Olive  

We have 130 regular members and 5 mailbox members for a total of 135 members.

Upcoming Lessons for 2018 Year:

  January "Slow Cookers 101"
  February "Laughter is the Best Medicine"
  March "Food and Drug Interactions"
  April "Strawberries"
  May "Shade and Sun Plants"
  June "Fix Ahead Meals for 1 or 2"
  July "Birds of Illinois"
  August                        Vacation Month
  September "Healthy Beans and Potatoes"
  October "Technical Devices and Apps"
  November "Creating a No-Waste Kitchen"
  December Individual Unit's Choice                     

Location of County Lessons:

Our lessons are presented at the University of Illinois Extension Office, #60 Carlinville Plaza, Carlinville, IL. 62626.
Phone (217) 854-9604

County Meetings and Programs:

We have 2 County Meetings each year.  Our 88th Annual Meeting is May 24, 2018, which consists of a business meeting, memorial service, a catered meal, entertainment and a silent auction.  On October 24, 2018, we have our Founder's Day meeting, consisting of a business meeting, installation of officers for the coming year, a catered meal and entertainment.