Macoupin County
Association for Home and Community Education
Washington County

About Us:

Each organization has its champions. Bertha O. Elred was our champion and founder of HOME BUREAU in Macoupin County. In the early years she traveled miles over the roads that were sometimes almost impassable to spread the word of Extension and unite the county for a worthy cause. Following their footsteps of her father, founder of 4-H movement, she gathered homemakers together and after two years of hard work saw a dream become a reality. On October 24, 1930, Macoupin County Home Bureau emerged as the only professional organization for homemakers. Bertha O. Eldred was elected the organizations first president, an officer she held for two years.

Board Members/Other Responsibilities

  President: Carol Rimar
  1st Vice President: Carol Pollo
  2nd Vice President: Jerri Bayse
  Secretary: Carol Meyer
  Treasurer: Kay Kalaher
  Cultural Enrichment Director: Vickie Laughlin
  Family & Community Issues Director: Barbara Richards
  International Director: Jennifer Brown
  Public Relations/Newsletter Editor Linda Cruthis
  Volunteer Positions  
  CVH: Virginia Lewis
  Ways & Means  

Programming & Lessons


Macoupin County HCE offers a variety of lessons. Many are developed by the University of Illinois Extension and we enlist local experts/presenters for other lessons.
Examples are:
Cleaning Hacks



Air Fryers

Container Gardening


Meals, On the Go

Delicious Desserts

I'm Tired of Cooking

The History of Jello

 just to name a few

Annual Events

Cultural Enrichment Day January, April, July, October

Annual Meeting - May
Founder's Day - October

Attending Programming and Events

If you live in the Macoupin County, Illinois area and would like to join us for any of these, call the Extension Office at 217-854-9604 to make a reservation.

Contact for Membership

If you live in the Macoupin County, Illinois area and would like to join us, contact
Geraldine Bayse, 217-371-7406 or