Perry County
Association for Home and Community Education
Perry County

About Us:

Perry County Home and Community Association began May 8, 1947 as Perry County Home Bureau.  In the 1950's, the organization split from Farm Bureau by order of the Secretary of Agriculture.  The new name was Perry County Home Extension.  In the 80's, the University of Illinois asked our organization to keep its own funds and records.

In 1992, the State Organization changed its name to Illinois Association for Family and Community Education.  Our county chose to keep HEA for recognition purposes.  The new name became Homemakers Education Association. 

In April, 2008, the group voted on another name change to Perry County Home and Community Education.  HCE continues to function by co-operation with U of I Extension and is located downstairs in the Government Building, south of Pinckneyville.

New members are always welcome and the general public is invited to all functions.  Programs are planned to educate as well as entertain.

HCE members are strong supporters of the 4-H program.

Happenings in Perry County - 2017 - 2018

Programming - Theme for this years is:
"Down by the Riverside, Then & Now, Celebrating 70 Years"

September - Start of new year and County President visits all units.
        Yearly Craft Day is held this month where at least ten different
        crafts are offered for attendees to make.

    October - "Biscuits, Then & Now" (Hand Out Lesson)
         Minor - "Special Seasonings"

    November - Annual Holiday Idea Day
        "Home for the Holidays, Then & Now"
        (Countywide program and open to the Public)
            Featured on the Program:
                Consumer Science, "Then & Now"
                "Holiday Stress"
                "Napkin Folding"
                "Holiday Crock Pot Ideas"

        Lunch was sloppy Joe sandwiches from a recipe introduced to the
        county by the first home advisor and used at the County Fair stand
        for many years.  Cookies were made by board members and the
        recipes were one's their Mothers made at "Holiday Idea Days"
        long ago.

    January - "International Lesson - the Philippines" (Handout Lesson)
        Minor Lesson - "California"

        The local 4-H clubs in the county always select a state in the US that
        has a large population or roots from the HCE Country of Study.
        We share their material on the state and we share our material on
        Country of Study.

    February - "The Forgotten Storm - 1925" - A tornado that almost
        destroyed all of Murphysboro.  Local TV meteorologist presented
        the program and shared how it would be different today if another
        storm of that magnitude would form today.

    March - "The Humble Casserole" (Handout Lesson)
        Minor Lesson - "Coconut Oil"

    April - "Pie Making, Then & Now" (Countywide Lesson)

        Three members made pie crusts from recipes that dated back many
        years.  One used a recipe from a 4-H project book and another from
        a 1958 cookbook.  The "Now" portion was making 'personal pies'
        using purchased crust and wide-mouth mason jar lids.  Everyone
        present got a sample of the different crusts and got to make their
        own 'personal pie'.

    May - "Zucchini Lesson from 1982" (Handout Lesson)
        Minor Lesson - "Super Foods at a Glance"

    June - "Grilling, Then & Now" (Countywide Meeting)
        Minor Lesson - "Finding the Next Generation"

        This lesson wraps up our year and we will have a cookout using
        lesson from 1988.

    June will also find us traveling to the Amish community of Arthur,
        Illinois on our yearly bus trip.  A similar trip was taken by the Perry
        County HCE back in 1975.

Bicentennial Event
    Perry County HCE is taking part in a countywide celebration of the 200th birthday of
        Illinois.  We, along with Perry County 4-H, are holding a coloring contest for
        grades k-2nd, 3rd  & 4th who will be doing the artwork.  This fall we will involve
        the 6th grade with a poetry contest and the 7th & 8th will write an essay.  The
        coloring page includes pictures symbolic of Illinois, the drawing must be related
        to Illinois, as does the poem and essay.  Prizes will be awarded to all who

        We are also working with the 4-H in erecting a bench along a trail in the Pyramid
        State Park located in Perry County.  We are using bottle caps that the HCE has
        been collecting for the last year.

Active Units in Perry County:

    Jane Chapman at:  OR