Winnebago County
Association for Home and Community Education
Effingham County

About Us:

Winnebago County HCE was established in 1938.  We currently have 79 members that belong to 8 units spread throughout Winnebago County. Our purpose is to educate our members on a wide variety of topics and provide opportunities for fellowship and personal growth. The members volunteer in a wide range of venues, both within and outside our organization. Our Annual Meeting is held in June and our officers take office in July. We meet for a Cultural Arts/International Day in the fall. We welcome guests and new members to these events and to our monthly meetings.  Please contact us for more information including times and dates of our meetings.

Current Officers:

  President Pat Wishop
  1st Vice President Nancy Todora
  2nd Vice President Jean Schauer
  Secretary Jean Olson
  Treasurer Carolyn Elston
  4H & Family Life Marianne Ganslein
  International Linda Tarpley
  Cultural Arts Teri Spencer & Marianne Ganslein
  Ways & Means Lynn Wiles
  Newsletter Pat Stahl

2023 Lessons:

  January Empower Me to be Clutter-Free
  February Gateway to Gut Health
  March Mixes in a Jar
  April The Fuel to Fight Cancer
  May Oh No, I Think I've Been Scammed
  June Understand Food Labels
  July Craft Lesson (Flower Pot Decor)
  August Open
  September Financial Emergence Preparedness
  October Addressing Ageism and Promoting Inclusivity
  November Suffrage for Women in Illinois
  December Holiday Celebrations

Contact Person:

Pat Wishop, 13900 Eunice Lane, Rockton, IL  61072
Phone (815) 543-5117