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Photo: Embroidery Winter Scene from 2015 Conference
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Last Update - January 14, 2022

Illinois Association for Home & Community Education

    Illinois Association for Home and Community Education has over 4,500 members.  Through the years, our organization has changed to continue/progress with the current times, trends or needs.  It was first known as Home Bureau Federation for farm wives. Today, we are Home & Community Education with our goal being education for home and community.  We work to promote social and economic well being in our homes and neighborhoods.  We are not our Mother’s Home Bureau anymore.
    HCE continues to cross the boundaries when providing unique and inventive ideas for our lessons providing members the opportunity to learn current and relevant information.  We strive to provide our state and county officers important information that allows them to work, support and promote the community in which they serve.
    We, the IAHCE state board members pictured below, hope that you will find something of interest for you or your family and will check your county for the HCE unit nearest you.  If you have any questions, please call or e-mail.  

Sitting  Sonya Bishop, Carol Harms, Becky Thomas, Angela Hicks, Norma Korte, Ashley Davis, Mary Eustace
Standing  Janel Kassing, Kathy Peterson, Donna Richards, Eleanor Gregory, Mary Johnson, Melissa Chitwood,
Emily McDowell, Cathy Eathington